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Useful Visualizations

Useful Visualizations

You have got high quality data. Now useful and rich visualizations are key interpreting results.

To get really useful visualizations for bioomedical scientific data is a challenge because:

  • It is needed that the designers and the developers understand the data, and for that it is required actual biological / biomedical knowledge
  • To know and understand your goals is also needed
  • It is required an updated knowledge of the state of the art regarding visualization technologies, libraries, solutions, etc.
  • There are very specialized visualizations as, for example, genome browsers or 3D protein structure viewers that require a very specialized knowledge from the scientific biological side and from the informatics technical side
  • In many projects the integration of different kind of data and the possibility to navigate between different visualizations in an integrated environment is crucial
  • In some cases filtering large datasets to be visualized in real time and quick updating the changing data can be a challenge

Bellow, you can find some examples of very specialized visualizations

A screen capture of an interactive visualization of a protein 3D-structure in which some key residues have been highlighted

A screen capture of a web based genome browser (IGV) launched at a specific gene: HLA-DRB1

A screen capture of a useful and interactive visualization of microbiome results

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