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Cloud Solutions for Biomedical massive data

Cloud computing-based software solutions for real world problems

For many real world challenges to face working with Biomed data we can help you solving integration and analysis of:

  • Bioinformatics pipelines
  • Complex proprietary data
  • Publicly available relevant data

Biomedical massive data analysis

When a huge amount of biological data needs to be analyzed (as is the case working with massive sequencing data from genomes, transcriptomes or microbiomes) we can perform all the required tasks timely, efficiently and with optimized cost because:

  • We have experience working with AWS Cloud Computing from 2007 and have analyzed NGS data from the begining of these technologies
  • We can analyze your NGS data, both, short reads (illumina) and long reads (PacBio or Oxford Nanopore)
  • We have analyzed thousands of genomes, exomes, transcriptomes and microbiomes
  • We have done many highly specific projects that required specially designed and implemented bioinformatics pipelines

For example, below is a diagram of an AWS implementation based on cloud formation, lambda functions and S3 and EC2 that automates a complex bioinformatics pipeline for genome analysis.

The result is an AWS-based system completely automated and secure that optimizes resources and reduces costs

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