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Pipelines and Software Development

We develop software solutions for real world problems

Once you have all designed, all relevant data identified and available and have defined your goals and processes sometimes you need to develop software solutions:
  • Secure
  • Easily maintained
  • User friendly
  • Efficient

We can help you at this stage because:

Web application design and development

Many times a crucial component of a software solution is the design and development of web applications for user interaction with the systems.

We can develop secure, efficient and user-friendly web applications providing great user experience. We are able to do that in reasonable time and at reasonable cost because we have been doing:

  • Programming LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) and integrating them with other software solutions
  • Integration of complex solutions in medical environments and interaction with Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Design and software development of Collaborative web-based tools for biomedical users
  • Web applications programming using technologies such as PhP, ASP JSP CFML, JavaScript, ActionScript, XML, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL and innovative technologies like ELM (functional programming compiling to JavaScript).
  • Programming apps for mobile phones
  • Web applications with a serverless model

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